Blog Explanation

Blog Explanation

Here I provide the reasons why I have a blog.

Basically the amount of news is overwhelming; we need an ongoing Conversation to sort it out and Categories assist in structuring what is generated through the Conversation.

News Management – A Challenge

We are inundated mostly by not-so-good news

The news about work, workplaces and workers is not so plentiful

This is why I am providing this blog for digesting relevant news about work and Interiority

This Blog means A Conversation

The blog is like an ongoing conversation about current events

The conversation means a series of posts and comments from the IP community

Occurring on a regular basis, I will be posting every two weeks, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

Comments submitted may become part of the next conversation

The Interiority Conversation contents will be assembled in Categories

You can search the Categories according to your interests

When viewers read my posts it won’t take them long to figure out who I am, what I think about and want.

Blogging will be a learning opportunity for me in two ways:

I have to do research in order to choose relevant topics

I will learn from the viewer’s comments and questions

Thank you